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Our team at World Water Forum 2015 Europa believe that water is a natural resource that man can’t live without. Both humans and animals need water on a daily basis for their survival. However, many people do not have a clear understanding of what it takes to ensure that our natural water sources continue supplying us with this resource. We therefore believe that it is important for all people world over to develop a proper understanding and appreciation of where our water comes from as well as how to take care of these sources so that we can continue sustainably enjoying it for generations to come.

It’s our mission therefore to ensure that all visitors to this platform get access to useful, relevant, timely and well researched content on the importance of water, how it can be sustainably accessed and utilized, how it can be made safe for consumption as well as how it can be stored. We therefore welcome you to be part of our team of writers. You don’t have to be a water expert, or a professional writer. As long as you are a consumer of water, your thoughts, ideas and opinions are welcome.We believe in the power of information and in the power of sharing therefore we believe your contributions will go a long way in impacting someone’s life through strengthening our content offering.

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