These are the 4 common water contaminants

Contamination of drinking water is one of the leading causes of water borne diseases world over. This is because most people are never conscious of microorganisms that exist is the water they consume. As long as water is clear, there is always a wrong assumption that this water is clean hence safe for consumption.

It’s therefore important for us to be conscious of the substances that are responsible for contaminating our water so that we can learn to be cautious before we consume it. Here are the 4common water contaminants.

Presence of arsenic in the water

Arsenic is a naturally occurring element found in the earth’s crust but highly poisonous. It usually gets into contact with underground water sources thereby contaminating them. This is one of the reasons why all underground water sources such as wells and boreholes must be tested before the water can be consumed. It’s very crucial for arsenic to be removed from water during treatment because if this is not done, it will accumulate in the bodies of the people consuming it and this poses a serious health risk.

Presence of fluoride in water

Fluoride is a chemical element that has been added to water over the past couple of decades because it is believed to contain properties that can reduce dental cavities by increasing the teeth’s resistance to bacteria and acid. Whereas the addition of fluoride to water has been hailed as a revolutionary discovery, it comes with its own set of dangers. This is because studies have revealed that excessive levels of fluoride are believed to have a negative impact on the brain as it impairs its normal functioning and development.

Presence of lead in water

Lead is metal that is naturally occurring however exposure to it has been known to cause a number of adverse health problems. For instance, it’s known to cause stunting in children and long term kidney problems as well as high blood pressure in adults. Lead is mostly the metal used in plumbing material and may at times find its way into household drinking water when these pipes corrode.

Presence of chromium in water

Chromium is also a metallic element that is naturally occurring and can be found in some plants, in the soil and rocks, as well as in animals.There is a form of chromium (chromium-3) which is essential in our diet, and another form,chromium-6 which is harmful. The latter is mostly found in industrial effluent and may make its way to our water sources thereby contaminating them and causing serious health problems.

It’s therefore important for us to always be conscious of the micro-substances that make their way into our water so that we can keep ourselves safe from these contaminants.

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